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[YAMAN] Tornado RF Roller - CROSS SHELF JP

[YAMAN] Tornado RF Roller

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Description of item

Introducing a roller that provides full-scale care just by rolling it on the face and body where aging signs are a concern. It can also be used overseas.

"Radio wave" for deep heat care, which is also used in beauty salons, and "tornado-shaped roller" like a beauty treatment salon are used. You can easily take care of it just by rolling it around the part you care about.

In addition, it is equipped with EMS that works directly on various muscles such as facial muscles and abdominal muscles. It stimulates and cares for the skin.

Stimulate muscles with electrical signals

EMS that stimulates muscles is installed for the body and face. Easy training with a comfortable stimulus that suits each.
By fitting the roller to the part of concern and caring for it with EMS, it stimulates muscles that do not normally move and approaches more efficiently.

What is EMS?
By applying electrical stimulation directly to the muscles, you can move and train the muscles. It works on muscles just by hitting the device, so it is recommended for people who are not good at exercising.

Three modes and levels can be selected.

1. RF mode (red lamp)
1MHz radio wave warms and cares for the stratum corneum of the skin. * When using on the face, be sure to use at level 1.

2. Face lift mode (blue lamp)
Facial muscle care that moves to raise the face line.

3. Body exercise mode (pink lamp)
Care by EMS wave specialized in body care.

Waterproof specifications that can be used even in the bath

Care while warming up in the bath is even more efficient. EMS that can be used while taking a bath also improves body sensitivity. You can use your time effectively, so it's perfect for busy people.

Size: Approx. W97 x D189 x H65mm
Mass: Approximately 275g
Charging time: Approximately 3 hours Operating time: Approximately 30 minutes
Accessories: AC adapter, treatment book
Color / Model: Pink / HRF-15P
Country of manufacture: Japan