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About Us


We are a store that was just opened at the end of 2020.

Thanks to the development of the Internet, shopping across borders has become easier than ever.

However, on the other hand, the distribution volume of imitation products has increased and it is often in the news.

Many Japanese products are included in the imitations, and many people are disappointed. Some people don't even notice when they buy a counterfeit product and believe it is genuine.

It seems that the world's leading large-scale shopping websites are also trying to detect imitations, but the number of stores is large so everything can't be easily detected.

So we thought of a good idea. It's very simple.

"It's easier for us to purchase mostly from respected authentic Japanese suppliers who were selling these genuine products only so we could also sell the real thing."

How is it? Since we are very particular of quality products and services, it's easier to sell the real thing because it's legal than to sell the imitations, right?

As it is a small shop, only us and our supplier will intervene in your shopping. The supplier shops are all reliable shops that Japanese people usually use.

We purchase from reliable places such as directly managed stores, authorized distributors, famous department stores and famous large-scale retail stores within Japan.

And we do not purchase from suppliers and resellers who handle parallel imports.

This is because the distribution channel may be unknown or it may have been a long time since the date of manufacture. In addition, the storage environment of the product is unknown, so the quality may have deteriorated.

We provide customers with an environment where they can shop with peace of mind as if they were on a short trip to Japan.

We are happy to help you enrich your life through Japanese products as well as other products from reliable sources direct from Japan to international clients worlwide!

Enjoy your shopping!