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[TBC] Aesthetic Mask 64 sheets (32 sheets x 2pack ) - CROSS SHELF JP

[TBC] Aesthetic Mask 64 Sheets (32 sheets x 2pack )

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"TBC" which is famous in the aesthetics industry that is spread all over Japan. A beauty mask that TBC conceived.
The stretchable and tightly-fitting mask provides a firm care for your skin. You can take out the sheet masks one by one, so you can keep other sheets clean. No parabens, colorants, synthetic flavors, mineral oils or silicones.

How to use

1. Take out one mask from the box and unfold it.
2. Position your eyes, nose, and mouth so that the mask fits over your entire face.
3. Pack in 5 to 10 minutes. After the pack, apply the remaining beauty essence to your skin. After that, take care of your skin with emulsion or cream.
We recommend daily use as an alternative to lotion.