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[SUNTORY] Milcolla

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A beauty powder that uniquely contains luxurious beauty ingredients such as high-concentration PO / OG collagen and ceramide.
You can take the advanced ingredients needed for age beauty in one stick daily. 
Why don't you start "Milcolla" for a higher level of beauty?

■5 Reasons to Recommend Suntory's Milcolla

● Collagen decreases greatly with age. Suntory is focused on "active ingredients" that have the function of "producing" collagen. Through repeated research, we succeeded in increasing the concentration of this "active ingredient".

● Next-generation collagen that has the function to produce is Suntory's "high-concentration PO / OG collagen".  Compared to the conventional "milcolla", the current "Milcolla" has 20 times more active ingredients PO and OG! * Conventional

● "Ceramide" decreases with age, similar to collagen. Therefore, 1200 μg of plenty of rare milk-derived "milk ceramide" is added to milcolla. We support your ultimate skin care everyday.

● Carefully selected 7 beauty ingredients that are good for women's beauty and health
1. High-concentration PO / OG collagen: Produces collagen
2. Collagen: For every day with elasticity
3. Ceramide: for an ultimate moisture-rich skin everyday
4. Elastin: bind collagen and keep working
5. Vitamin C: Supports collagen production
6. Proteoglycan: Water retention that exceeds hyaluronic acid
7. Casein Peptide: To Shining Beauty

● 1 stick per day. Just mix it up with your favorite drink or dish! It has a unique milk flavor and is easy to dissolve in anything. Simply mix with your favorite items such as coffee, tea, yogurt, and soup. Also, because it is low in fat *, it is also recommended for people on a diet.

■ Contents
6.5 gm × 30 packets (about 30 days)
Daily guideline: 1 packet powder (granule)

■ Nutritional information [per package (6.5gm)]
Calorie / 24.8kcal, protein / 5.38gm, lipid / 0.10gm, carbohydrate / 0.59gm, salt equivalent / 0.05gm, vitamin C / 50mg, collagen / 5000mg (PO ・ OG / 4400µg), ceramide / 1200µg, elastin / 1000µg , Proteoglycan / 500µg

■Raw material name
Collagen peptide (containing high concentration PO / OG collagen peptide) (manufactured in the US and Japan), dextrin, creaming powder, whey powder containing ceramide, milk peptide, salmon nasal cartilage extract powder containing proteoglycan, elastin peptide / vitamin C, casein Na , Fragrance, silicon oxide, (including some gelatin, milk ingredients, salmon)

■ Notes
● Consume immediately after opening the individual package.
● Please note that if you put the powder in your mouth, you may cough it out unintentionally.
● Please check the ingredients and refrain from using if you are concerned about food allergies.
● If you feel unwell, please stop taking it immediately and consult a doctor.
● Please refrain from using if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, or if you are a child.
● If you are prescribed medication or are in hospital, please consult your doctor.