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SK-Ⅱ  Genoptics Aura Essence 50ml - CROSS SHELF JP

SK-Ⅱ Genoptics Aura Essence 50ml

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Description of item

Representing SK-II, which leads to shining bare skin
Whitening * Essence.

* Suppressing the production of melanin and preventing spots and freckles

The main ingredients are Pitera and Genoptics Aura Complex.

Pitera is a naturally derived ingredient only for SK-II produced from the fermentation of a special yeast. Contains some of the natural moisturizing factors ( NMF ) that the skin originally has. Contains more than 50 types of vitamins, amino acids, minerals, etc. to maintain the original health of the skin.

Genoptics Aura Complex is a mixed ingredient containing concentrated Pitera ™, whitening active ingredient D-Melano ™, and prune extract. Prevents the formation of dark spots and dullness due to sunburn, and leads to radiant skin from the inside.

It is the best-selling product of SK-II.

How to use

If you are using the SK-II series, please use in the following order.

Essence (facial treatment essence, etc.) → Serum (this product) → Emulsion (skin power airy, etc.)

step 1:
Take an appropriate amount ( one dropper, slightly larger than about 2 cm in diameter ).

Step 2:
Apply the essence to the areas of concern on the skin and spread it over the entire face.

Step 3:
Use the palm of your hand to apply it to your skin. Use your fingers to gently put on the areas of concern on your skin to blend them into your skin.

Use twice daily to care for your skin in the morning and at night.

Contents: 50ml