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[SHISEIDO] ULTIMUNE power infusing eye concentrate - CROSS SHELF JP

[SHISEIDO] ULTIMUNE Power Infusing Eye Concentrate

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Description of item

"Shiseido Ultimune" is loved and supported by customers all over the world. Shiseido's best-selling serum.

A beauty essence for the eyes that keeps the skin healthy at any moment
Its superior moisturizing effect continues to protect the health of the skin at any moment.

A beauty essence for the eyes that focuses on the frictional damage caused by casually rubbing the eyes and future skin problems. 

Moisturizes and protects delicate skin around the eyes and prevents rough skin, wrinkles, dark spots, puffiness and loss of resilience. Its smoothing and hydrating effect quickly absorbs leading to improvements even on fine wrinkles.

Restores firmness. * For eyes with a firm impression.

* Efficacy evaluation tested

How to use

● You can feel the beauty of Ultimune by adding it to your skin care products and using it together. Please use it for daily morning and evening care.

・ Please use after conditioning the skin with lotion.

・ Take one push of the dispenser and apply it gently and evenly to the entire face.

* Condition your skin with lotion and use before milky lotion or cream.
* Please use this product first when using with other beauty essences.

Contents: 15g
Usage period: Approximately 1.5 months (approximate usage according to usage method)
Product size: Width 41mm x Height 102mm x Depth 35mm
Type: Gel Jelly
Fragrance: Green Floral
Origin: Japan