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[SHISEIDO] ULTIMUNE power infusing concentrate 50ml For refill - CROSS SHELF JP

[SHISEIDO] ULTIMUNE Power Infusing Concentrate 50ml For Refill

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Item description

*please note
This product is for refilling "ULTIMUNE Power Infusing Concentrate 50ml". Please be careful not to make a mistake.

"Shiseido Ultimune" is loved and supported by customers all over the world. Shiseido's best-selling serum.

The aim was to bring out the "power of beauty" by oneself.
Approaching the potential of sleeping in each person, a strong beauty that can withstand damage such as ultraviolet rays and dryness.

Uses SHISEIDO's original "Immune Generation Technology TM *" that continues to study human skin.

It spreads freshly and smoothly and quickly penetrates into the stratum corneum. First of all, please use it for 3 days.

With this one drop, your skin will be moisturized and firm with a sense of life.

* Technology that includes lychee iris extract as a moisturizing ingredient that moisturizes and conditions the skin (lychee extract, iris extract, glycerin: moisturizing)

Contents: 50ml
Usage period: Approximately 2 months (approximate usage according to usage method)
Fragrance: Green Floral Scent
Origin: Japan

Precautions for use
Power Rising Concentrate N Dispensers other than 50 mL size cannot be used.
* This product is a renewal product. The dispenser (50 mL size) before 2018 Linial cannot be used either.

◇ Be careful not to get this in your eyes. If it gets in your eyes, rinse immediately.
◇ At the beginning of use, slowly push the dispenser a few times until the contents come out.
◇ After use, wipe the mouth of the container clean and close the cap properly.
◇ Do not leave in the sun or high temperature.
◇ Please be careful about fire.
◇ Please set the dispenser as it is without washing it.
◇ Do not transfer the contents remaining in the previous container to the refill container.
◇ Please purchase a new main unit after replacing it 2-3 times for clean use.