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[SHISEIDO] d Program Essence in Cleansing Foam - CROSS SHELF JP
[SHISEIDO] d Program Essence in Cleansing Foam - CROSS SHELF JP
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, [SHISEIDO] d Program Essence in Cleansing Foam - CROSS SHELF JP

[SHISEIDO] d Program Essence in Cleansing Foam

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Product Description

The creamy and rich cushion foam with beauty ingredients gently envelops the skin and removes dirt and rough skin.
It also removes fine particles such as pollen, dust, and dirt.

Leaves behind the beautiful skin bacteria that are important for healthy skin, while protecting moisture and leaving the skin moist and smooth.

・It contains active medicated ingredients to prevent acne and skin irritation.
・Contains carefully selected ingredients and a clean manufacturing process.
・Paraben free, alcohol (ethyl alcohol) free, mineral oil free.
・Fragrance-free, colorant-free.
・Designed to be hypoallergenic. Patch tested on sensitive skin.
・Stinging tested*.
・*Not all people will experience allergies or skin irritation.

Product Features

The "d program skincare series" is designed to be hypoallergenic and to improve sensitive skin.

It is designed to bring out the natural power of the skin. Experience an unprecedented care for sensitive skin.

How to use
Pour about 1cm of the product into the palm of your hand, add a small amount of water or lukewarm water, and lather thoroughly. Wash your face with the foam, then rinse off carefully.

Amount of product

Usage period
Approximately 120 times (based on usage instructions)

Fragrance free

Dipotassium glycyrrhizinate*, concentrated glycerin, erythritol, xylit, purified water, myristic acid, sorbit solution, polyethylene glycol 1500, potassium hydroxide, stearic acid, palmitic acid, 2-alkyl-N 2-Alkyl-N-hydroxyethylimidazolinium betaine, Polyoxyethylene glyceryl isostearate, Self-emulsifying glyceryl monostearate, Salacia beeswax, Sodium methyl taurate, Coconut oil fatty acid Sodium methyltaurate, Polychlorinated dimethylenedimethylpyrrolidinium solution, Orange oil * denotes "active ingredient", and no indication denotes "other ingredients".
Due to product improvements and changes in labeling, some ingredients may differ from the actual ingredients. Please refer to the product label for the actual ingredients.

・Take care to avoid contact with eyes. If it does get into your eyes, rinse immediately with water or lukewarm water.
・Do not allow water to enter the container when using.
・After use, wipe the mouth of the container clean and be sure to close the cap properly.
・Keep out of reach of children.
・Do not expose to sunlight or high temperatures.
・When using a bathroom dryer, do not place in the bathroom.