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[POLA] Inner Liftia - CROSS SHELF JP
[POLA] Inner Liftia - CROSS SHELF JP
[POLA] Inner Liftia - CROSS SHELF JP
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[POLA] Inner Liftia

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A beauty supplement that simultaneously contains collagen, plant placenta, iron, hyaluronic acid, and elastin. You can easily consume without water. A granular supplement with a peach yogurt flavor that is easy to drink.

■ Pola original material "Ceractive collagen" is mixed
Collagen is an essential component of the dermis, which accounts for 1/3 of the proteins that make up the body, but it decreases with age. It is important to replenish collagen for a firm daily life. Pola's original material "Ceractive Collagen" is a collagen that is rich in amino acids that make up collagen fibers, and is a material that supports beauty.

■ Combined with plant placenta
Contains rare plant placenta extracted from melon placenta. It is a material useful for beauty and health.
Placenta: The part of a plant that surrounds the seed. Since it is the part where germination occurs, it is full of nutrients.

■ Contains ingredients that are pleasing to women
・ Iron: Iron is a nutrient necessary to make red blood cells. You can get the recommended amount of iron a day that women tend to lack in one packet.
・ Hyaluronic acid: A component with high water retention capacity. Useful for beauty and health.
-Elastin: A fibrous protein that binds collagen fibers together. It is an important ingredient that is often contained in the dermis.

■ Nutrition ingredient display (per standard amount per day)

Energy 4.6kcal Iron 9mg (120%)
Protein 1.1gm Collagen peptide 1000mg
Lipid 0.0gm Plant placenta 100mg
Carbohydrate 0.6gm Hyaluronic acid 1mg
Sodium 1.1mg Fish elastin powder 1mg

 *Iron: Iron is a nutrient that is necessary for the production of red blood cells.

■ Display all components

Collagen peptide (including gelatin), erythritol, plant placenta (melon placenta extract, dextrin), thigh juice powder, hyaluronic acid, powder elastin powder, citric acid, iron pyrophosphate, fragrance, methylcellulose, sweetener (acesulfame potassium) , Sucralose), guar gum

■ How to consume
Take 1 packet daily as a guide. Since it is a granular form that melts in the mouth, you can enjoy it as it is without water.

◇ This product does not cure illness or improve your health by ingesting a large amount. Please follow the recommended daily intake.
◇ Please refer to the ingredients and do not consume if you have food allergies. In addition, it may not be suitable in rare cases depending on the physical condition. In that case, please stop using it.
◇ If you are taking medicine, visiting the hospital, or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, please consult with a doctor before use.