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[Panasonic] Hair dryer nano care EH-NA5BーPP - CROSS SHELF JP

[Panasonic] Hair Dryer Nano Care EH-NA5BーPP

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Product description

●What is Nanoe

Evaporation of water in your hair can cause dryness. Negative ions adhere to the surface of the hair and lead to silky hair, but "Nanoe" penetrates the hair and gives water, giving it a moist and cohesive finish. In addition, "Nanoe" gives moisture and suppresses dryness that causes skin stress.

●voltage selector switch that can be used overseas *1

AC100-120 V ⇔ AC200-240 V

Switch the voltage according to the place of use. You can easily switch with the key head. In Japan, please use it according to AC100-120V. AC200-240 V is set at the time of product purchase.

●The quick-drying nozzle loosens the tufts, and the hair dries quickly and beautifully.

Powerful air volume of 1.2 m3 min *2 (1000 W) at AC100/200 V and 1.4 m3 min *2 (1400 W) at 120/240 V AC, drying quickly both domestically and overseas. In addition, the attached quick-dry nozzle loosens the tufts of hair to dry your hair quickly and beautifully.

●Equipped with cold mode


Product Details

Power supply method  AC type
Warm air temperature

approx. 80℃ (AC100・200V/turbo/room temperature 30℃)

Approx. 95°C (AC120/240V/Turbo/Room temperature 30°C)

Air volume

1.2m3/min (AC100/200V/turbo)

1.4 m3/min (120/240 VAC/Turbo)

Power cord length about 1.7m
Body dimensions height 21 x width 19.2 x depth 8 cm
Mass about 545g (excluding quick-dry nozzle)

"Nanoe" , Static electricity suppression

"Nanoe" ion charge , Quick-dry nozzle

Overseas use *1 

Power supply AC100-120V/200-240V 50-60Hz
Power consumption

AC100/200V: 1000W AC120/240V: 1400W


*1 AC100-120V/220-240V power supply compatible. When using it overseas, purchase a separate plug adapter according to the country or region.

Safety Precautions ● When using the product, please use an outlet with a rating of 15 A or higher by itself (because the power consumption is 1001 W or higher) ⇒ Failure to use it alone may result in fire or electric shock.

accessories : Quick-dry nozzle, C-2 plug adapter