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[ORIHIRO] Hyaluronic Acid + Collagen 4.5g Stick x 50 Count - CROSS SHELF JP

[ORIHIRO] Hyaluronic Acid + Collagen 4.5g Stick x 50 Count

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Description of item

This product contains collagen, which is important for firmness, as well as low-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid and glucosamine, which are moisturizing ingredients, as well as GABA and ceramide.

Since it is a fragrance-free granule type, you can easily use it by simply dissolving it in your favorite drink.

・ Collagen equivalent to 6,000 mg / bag (1 bag of 4.5 g per day)
・ Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid 20mg / bag
・ Convenient stick type that can be easily used on the go

How to eat

Dissolve 1 bag a day in a drink as a guide.

Raw material name

・ Isomaltodextrin
・ Collagen peptide (including gelatin)
· dextrin
・ Ceramide-containing rice extract
・ Glucosamine (containing shrimp and crab)
· hyaluronic acid

Nutrition facts label / per product (4.5 g)

・ Calorie: 12.6 Kcal
・ Protein: 1.2 g
・ Lipid: 0 g
・ Carbohydrate: 3.16 g
・ Carbohydrate: 0.77 g
・ Dietary fiber: 2.39 g
・ Salt equivalent: 0 to 0.3 g

・ Collagen peptide: 1000 mg
* (Uses 17.2% dense collagen / ratio to collagen)

* Dense collagen is collagen that contains 30 times more PO, OG (prolyl hydroxyproline, hydroxyprolyl glycine), which are dipeptides peculiar to collagen, than normal collagen.

[Collagen 6000 mg equivalent / PO, OG conversion]
・ Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid: 20 mg
・ Glucosamine: 200 mg
・ GABA: 12 mg
・ Ceramide: 200 μg