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[KOSE] MEDICATED SEKKISEI ENRICHED (Moisture) Milky lotion 140ml

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Description of item

A medicated whitening emulsion that spreads on the skin with a pleasant feel and leaves the skin soft. The moisture of Japanese and Chinese botanical extracts fills the stratum corneum with whitening active ingredients.

Both "high moist feeling" and "non-stickiness". It balances the oil and moisture of the skin, cares for dullness caused by dryness, and leads to bright skin.
Contains Bakumondou (Mai Men Dong Tang) extract and Tenninka (Tenjin Hana) extract, which have a high moisturizing effect. Moisturizes and enhances transparency.

Contains two types of oleic acid derivatives that enhance the sense of penetration. It penetrates into dry skin so that it can be absorbed.
Contains 3 types of emollient oil.

A refreshing modern floral scent of chamomile based on rose and jasmine.

* Suppresses the production of melanin and prevents spots and freckles.

Japanese and Chinese plants included
・ Inula Flower
・ Angelica
・ Coix Seed
・ Mallow
・ Melothria Heterophylla
・ Bakumondou

how to use

After moisturizing the skin with lotion, press the pump once or twice to gently apply it to the skin.

Contents: 140ml