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Instant Ice Pad for adult Value pack
Instant Ice Pad for adult for 16sheets
Instant Ice Pad for children Value pack
Instant Ice Pad for children for 16sheets
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Instant Ice Pad 16 Sheets x 4 Count

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Product description

・Can be used immediately for fever.
・Cooling power is about 8 hours with a gel sheet containing a cooling sensation.
・Fits tightly to your forehead. It is difficult to peel off when rolled over.
・Slightly acidic sheet that is gentle on the skin.

The plenty of water contained in the heat sheet absorbs the heat and evaporates, so even after about 8 hours, the skin temperature will continue to cool at -2°C. *1 According to the following cooling test
Contains the crushed "Cold Sensation Capsule". The coldness gradually works later, keeping the feeling of cold for a long time. If the sheet is warm but damp, the cooling effect continues.

*1 Test method (skin temperature cooling test)
The time to keep the skin temperature lower than normal skin temperature ( 2°C in 25°C environment ) when attached to the forehead indoors.

Quality display

1 sheet size: For adults: Approx. 50 x 130 mm

                      For children: Approx. 50 x 105 mm

The difference between sheets for children and adults:
■ For children
・ The sheet is smaller and the amount of menthol is smaller than that for adults.
■ For adults
・ The sheet is larger than that for children, and the amount of menthol is large.
* If infants and elementary school students ( lower grades ) are used for adults, the stimulation of menthol may be too strong.

how to use

・Peel off the transparent film and stick it on the part you want to cool.
* After opening, bend the cut end along the dotted line twice and keep it in the product box so that unused parts do not come into contact with the outside air.
・If sweating, wipe thoroughly before using. Also, if you repeat re-sticking, the sticking will deteriorate, so avoid it if possible.
・If you no longer feel the effect, replace it.
・Use the product only once for hygiene and function.
-If you store it in a refrigerator, etc., and cool it down before use, you can obtain a further cooling effect. (Please do not put it in the freezer. The product function may be inferior.)


・Should you feel uncomfortable with the skin ( itch, pain, etc. ) or abnormalities on the skin ( e.g., rash ), discontinue use. If any abnormality remains on the skin, bring the product and consult a dermatologist.
・When using on an infant, dementia, or a physically handicapped person, sticking it to the mouth or nose or putting it in the mouth may make it impossible to breathe, so be sure to supervise it by a parent or a nurse.  Be careful.
・Keep out of reach of children and people with dementia.
・Since the product is not a medicine, consult a doctor if you continue to have high fever or fever.
・Do not take out the granules as the contents may pop out and get into your eyes.
・Do not use on areas with abnormal skin ( wounds, burns, burns due to sunburn, etc. ).
・After opening, the cooling effect gradually decreases, so use it as soon as possible.
・Store in a cool and dark place if possible, avoiding hot places.
・Be careful of accidental eating.