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hot eye mask with steam

Hot eye mask with steam  27 pieces

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Product features

Three fun scents to choose from (12 lavender, 10 ripe yuzu, 5 rose)
・Unisex size
・Always clean and disposable type
・Easy to use in any posture, with a snug fit around the eyes
・About 40℃ steam bath. Comfortable time about 20 minutes

Keeping eyes closed, gently put on top of the eyes that are always tired and need relaxation.
Lots of warm steam makes you feel relaxed.
The soothing steam warmly wraps your eyes and relaxes you.
The sheet becomes warm just by opening it.

Recommended at times like this.

・Before bedtime
・During travel time such as train or airplane.
・When relaxing at home.

Keep eyes closed during use.