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[FANCL] Acne Care Lotion - CROSS SHELF JP
[FANCL] Acne Care Lotion - CROSS SHELF JP
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[FANCL] Acne Care Lotion

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Description of item

FANCL tackles the repeated problems of adult acne. Care for the root cause of reduced skin barriers due to stress and disruption of life.

This is possible because FANCL is researching skin care without additives, without the use of disinfectants that can damage the skin and leave acne scars.

Peony extract, tonin, and perilla are used in the product. By combining these three Chinese herbal medicines, "Kanbo Botanical Extract," FANCL approaches the cause of acne and prepares the barrier function.

Suppresses excess sebum, balances water and oil, and leaves non-greasy, fresh and soft skin.

Order of use

When using the "FANCL Acne Care Line" to care for your skin, use it in the following order.

Acne Care Facial Washing Cream ⇒ Acne Care Lotion ( this product )⇒ Acne Care Essence ⇒ Acne Care Milky Gel


how to use

After washing your face, take an amount of about 2 cm and apply it evenly to the entire face.
FANCL "Acne Care Facial Cleansing Cream" is recommended for washing your face.

Contents: 30mL ( for about 30 days )

Fresh period: After opening / within 60 days // Unopened / within 1 year

No preservatives, fragrances, synthetic pigments, petroleum-based surfactants, or UV absorbers are used. It is weakly acidic. The date of manufacture is listed.

* The acne care line does not use disinfectants.
* Non-comedogenic tested. Tested for use under the supervision of a dermatologist. Not all people are free from allergies, skin irritation and comedones. It can also be used by those who suffer from adolescent acne.