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[DHC] Pure raw placenta (600 tablets) - CROSS SHELF JP
[DHC] Pure raw placenta (600 tablets) - CROSS SHELF JP
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[DHC] Pure Raw Placenta ( 600 Tablets )

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■ Keep the power of domestic placenta. Pursue higher-grade beauty and health.
Placenta is a placenta, an important organ for nurturing a new life, and contains many useful ingredients such as growth factors and essential amino acids. It is a beauty ingredient that is said to have been loved by beautiful women who have made a name for themselves in history and have been fascinated by their ability to maintain their beauty and youthfulness.

However, many commercially available placenta supplements are heat-treated to kill viruses and bacteria, and many of their useful components are lost. Therefore, DHC has developed a supplement that uses raw placenta by a unique manufacturing method that has established safety. Raw placenta, which combines both quality and safety, is a particular material that DHC has made possible. "Pure raw placenta" is a higher-grade supplement that finishes in a shape that easily absorbs domestic placenta. Let's start aging care measures from the inside.

■ DHC's commitment to safe manufacturing.
Use only healthy pig placenta that is hygiene and quality controlled.
The raw material of "pure raw placenta" is the placenta derived from pigs, which is said to be similar in composition to human placenta.

We used only healthy and hygienic placenta of pigs grown on domestic contract farms that meet the high safety and quality standards of DHC. We are proud of the high quality by removing unnecessary parts such as obi and using only the placenta. The placenta component was extracted from the high quality raw materials by a special manufacturing method without using commonly used enzymes and strong acids.

■ Multi-layer filtration device for sterilization and instant sterilization system.
The abundant nutrients contained in placenta are sensitive to heat and acid, and many of them are damaged by conventional sterilization methods. Therefore, DHC has developed a unique manufacturing method that establishes safety. Sterilizing using a multi-layer filtration device with fine pores. In addition, it combines a special technique of spraying steam to sterilize viruses and bacteria while suppressing the loss of useful components due to heat. We have succeeded in producing 100% placenta-derived pig placenta extract powder as it is.
As a result of analysis, it has been found that "pure raw placenta" contains many useful components that are rarely contained in heat-treated placenta products.

■ Ingredients and raw materials
[Raw material name] Placenta extract powder ( including pork, domestically produced ), powdered sugar, lactose / cellulose, flavoring agent, paste ( hydroxypropyl cellulose ), corn protein
[Contents] 60.0g ( 1 grain weight 100mg x 600 grains )
[Nutrition Indication] [5-20 grains per 500-2000mg] Calorie 2.0-7.8kcal, protein 0.05-0.20g, lipid 0.01-0.03gm, carbohydrate 0.42-1.68gm, salt equivalent 0.003-0.013gm, placenta extract powder 125 ~ 500 mg

■ How to consume
I've attached a functional spoon that can take 5 tablets at a time. Take 5 to 20 tablets daily as a guide. Start with a small number of grains at first and adjust the intake according to your physical condition. Please enjoy as it is without chewing with water or lukewarm water.
* Do not take if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, or if you are a child.
* Cushioning material ( vinyl ) is included, so please take it out.
* After opening, close the lid tightly and enjoy as soon as possible.
* Due to the nature of the raw materials, the color tone may change over time, but there is no problem with quality.
* If you have a gynecological disorder, please consult a doctor before use.

■ Notes on use
* Please follow the recommended daily dose.
* If you feel any abnormality in your body, discontinue drinking.
* 27 items of allergens such as specified raw materials are displayed as the target range. Please check the ingredients and do not consume if you have food allergies.
* If you are taking medicine, visiting the hospital, or are pregnant, please consult a doctor before use.
* Health foods are foods, so you can basically enjoy them anytime. If you take it after meals, it will be more easily digested and absorbed. For other recommended timings, see the product details above.
● Please save on places avoiding direct sunlight. Places with high temperature and humidity should be avoided.
● Please keep out of reach of children.
● After opening, firmly close the opening and consume as soon as possible.