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[DHC] Medicated Q Lotion - CROSS SHELF JP
[DHC] Medicated Q Lotion - CROSS SHELF JP
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[DHC] Medicated Q Lotion

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Description of item

"Medicated Q" is a very popular series that DHC is proud of.

"DHC medicated Q series" is a popular aging care * 2 series that contains various skin-beautifying support ingredients such as "Coenzyme Q10 * 1", which is said to be useful for youthful skin, in addition to medicinal ingredients.

The bright yellow color of the lotion is the color of "Coenzyme Q10" mixed at 10 times * 3 concentration. This high concentration has been achieved by the formulation design using DHC's original technology.

"DHC medicated Q lotion" is a medicated lotion that delivers moisture to every corner of the stratum corneum with quick penetration and leads to clear and firm skin.

Contains water-soluble placenta extract that suppresses melanin production and prevents blemishes and freckles caused by sunburn, and licorice derivative * 4 that prepares healthy skin as medicinal ingredients.

In addition, a variety of skin-beautifying ingredients such as high-concentration "Coenzyme Q10 * 1", hyaluronic acid * 5, and collagen * 5 have been added.

* 1 Care according to the ingredients that give firmness and moisture and keep the skin beautiful.
* 2 Age-appropriate care.
* 3 Compared to our company.
* 4 Dipotassium glycyrrhizinate.
* 5 Moisturizing ingredient

How to use

Take an appropriate amount ( about 2.5 cm in diameter ) on cotton or palm and gently put on the entire face.

● If you want to experience the function of Coenzyme Q10 more, we recommend using it in the series.

Contents: 160ml

Precautions for use

Coenzyme Q10 is a coenzyme, not a pigment, so it does not color your skin. However, please note that it may adhere to clothes and become colored.