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[DHC] collagen powder - CROSS SHELF JP
[DHC] collagen powder - CROSS SHELF JP
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[DHC] Collagen Powder

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■Collagen is considered very important  as a beauty ingredient.

DHC Collagen Powder is a highly absorbable collagen peptide that can be ingested at 5000mg per day ( about 6gm ). In addition, vitamin C which supports the working of collagen is also a plus.

Vitamin C, which supports the function of collagen, is also added. Double effect backs up beauty. In addition, the peculiar odor of collagen is reduced as much as possible so that the flavor of food and drink is not impaired.

It melts smoothly in both hot and iced beverages. And you can take collagen efficiently just by adding to coffee, tea, and by adding to daily meals.

"DHC  Collagen Powder" is characterized by its high transparency after dissolution, so it does not impair the taste or appearance of the dish. Slide zipper is adopted without the trouble to refill. It is with a convenient measuring spoon.

■How to consume

Dissolve about 6gm a day ( approx. 1 spoonful of attached spoon ) in your favorite food or drink and enjoy. Please consume as soon as possible after melting. * Vitamin C is sensitive to heat, so it is recommended to add it just before eating or drinking.

* Please follow the recommended daily dose.
* If you feel any abnormality in your body, discontinue drinking.
* If you are taking medicine, visiting the hospital, or are pregnant, please consult a doctor before use.
* Please store it away from direct sunlight and places with high temperature and high humidity.
* After opening, close the seal firmly. Please consume the powder as soon as possible after opening. 


*comparison with collagen

  • 23kcal per daily ( approx.  6gm )
  • colorants , fragrances , preservatives not additives
  • non-caffeine
[Name] collagen processed foods
[ingredients] collagen peptide ( including gelatin ) , dextrin , sugar yam extract / vitamin C ,  thickener ( pullulan ) , sucrose fatty acid ester
[contents] 192gm
[nutritional labeling] [1cup of the included spoon ( 6gm ) 23kal , protein 5.3gm, lipid 0gm, carbohydrate 0.5gm, Salt equivalent 0.018gm, vitamin C 50mg ,collagen ( fish derived ) 5000mg