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[ALBION] Super UV Cut Repair Perfection Base - CROSS SHELF JP

[ALBION] Super UV Cut Repair Perfection Base

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Description of item

<Makeup base for beauty essence and sunscreen>
Prevents sunburn and UV aging *.

It protects the skin from ultraviolet rays ( A and B waves ) that cause skin damage.

Aging Care * A make-up base that moisturizes the skin with the treatment effect unique to beauty essences, and prepares the skin with liveliness and firmness.

* Spots and freckles caused by sunburn.
* Skin care according to age.
SPF50 + PA ++++

How to use

Take an appropriate amount on your fingertips, place it on 4 places on your face (both cheeks, nose, and chin), and apply it evenly to the entire face before using the foundation.

It can also be used as a sunscreen cream on the neck and arms.

If you sweat or spend a lot of time outdoors, we recommend that you reapply.

Contents: 40g