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[ALBION] EXAGE Moist Advance Milk Ⅲ

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Description of item

EXAGE is a coined word that combines "EXTRA" and "AGE".
It contains the beauty that transcends generations and the desire to make a special life come true.

Recommended for a wide range of customers as the ALBION starter series.

Full moisture in the stratum corneum.
For smooth skin.

Moisture spreads throughout the skin and is filled with rich moisture.

A milky lotion for dry skin that moisturizes and supples the skin.

The rich moisture penetrates into the skin ( horny layer ) so that it melts into the skin and balances the moisture of the skin.

Makes your skin supple and moisturized.

How to use

After washing your face, take about 3 pumps on cotton and apply it to the entire face from 5 places ( forehead, cheeks, nose, chin ). Please also use it for cleansing and after-massage care.

Precautions for use

◇ The inner bag type ( inner bag ) container is used so that the contents can be used to the end. As you use it, the inner bag shrinks and pushes out the contents.

◇ Please use without removing the pump. If you open it in the middle, or if only air comes out, tighten it firmly and push it empty until the contents come out again.

◇ Due to the mechanism of the container, it may be difficult to raise the head of the pump if the contents are small.

◇ Do not turn the fixed mouth as it will break the pump.

Contents: 200g