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[DHC] Natural Vitamin E [Soybeans] - CROSS SHELF JP
[DHC] Natural Vitamin E [Soybeans] - CROSS SHELF JP
  • Charger l'image dans la galerie, [DHC] Natural Vitamin E [Soybeans] - CROSS SHELF JP
  • Charger l'image dans la galerie, [DHC] Natural Vitamin E [Soybeans] - CROSS SHELF JP

[DHC] Natural Vitamin E [Soybeans]

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Product Description

"Natural Vitamin E [Soybean]" contains 301.5mg of natural d-alpha-tocopherol, the most active form of vitamin E, in the recommended daily intake amount.

This supplement is recommended for those who are concerned about flaky skin, coldness and stiffness, those who tend to be deficient in green and yellow vegetables, and those who want to live a healthy life in middle age.

Vitamin E is commonly referred to as the "rejuvenation vitamin," and is useful for beauty measures and to combat coldness.

Since it is found in pumpkin, nuts, and fats, dieters who are concerned about calories tend to be especially deficient in this vitamin.

We recommend supplementing with this easy to use supplement for youthful body and health.

How to take
Take one tablet per day with water, etc. without chewing.

30 grains ( for about 30 days )

Vitamin E, gelatin, glycerin

Nutritional information [per day: 510mg per tablet]
Calorific value 3.6kcal, Protein 0.13g, Fat 0.33g, Carbohydrate 0.03g, Salt equivalent 0.001g, Vitamin E 301.5mg

*Please take according to the recommended daily dosage.
*If you feel any abnormality in your body, please discontinue taking this product.
*This product is not intended to cure any disease or improve health by high dosage.
*If you are taking medication, visiting a hospital, or are pregnant, please consult your doctor before taking this product.