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[FANCL] Multi-Mineral - CROSS SHELF JP
[FANCL] Multi-Mineral - CROSS SHELF JP
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  • Laden Sie das Bild in den Galerie-Viewer, [FANCL] Multi-Mineral - CROSS SHELF JP

[FANCL] Multi-Mineral

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Product Introduction

Essential minerals, which cannot be synthesized by the body, are essential for good health, and half of the daily requirement* can be easily supplemented.

This product is designed to be well-balanced to prevent excessive nutrition. Polyglutamic acid, a sticky ingredient in natto, increases the absorption rate of calcium, which is difficult to absorb, and helps it reach the body more efficiently.

*50% of the 2015 edition of the "Reference Standard Values for Labeling of Nutrients, etc." (18 years old or older, percentage of the reference calorific value of 2,200 kcal)

Product Features

Multi Mineral" contains polyglutamic acid, which enhances the absorption of calcium. It not only fills in the deficiency, but also ensures that the ingredients are properly absorbed by the body and work properly.

Multi Mineral" is a small, easy-to-take granule. Because it is a supplement that you take every day, we paid attention to the size and shape of each grain.

How to take
Take 6 grains a day with water, etc. without chewing.

180 grains (for about 30 days)

Main ingredients / per 6 grains per day
Calcium: 340mg, Iron: 3.4mg, Magnesium: 160mg, Copper: 0.45mg, Zinc: 4.4mg, Manganese: 1.9mg, Selenium: 14μg, Chromium: 5μg, Molybdenum: 12.5μg, Polyglutamic acid: 60mg

Edible scallop shell powder,Manganese yeast, Molybdenum yeast, Selenium yeast, Chromium yeast, Magnesium oxide, Natto gum, Cellulose, Zinc gluconate, Calcium stearate, Iron pyrophosphate, Shellac, Copper gluconate

Nutrient Function Claims
・Calcium and magnesium are nutrients necessary for the formation of bones and teeth.

・Calcium and magnesium are necessary for the formation of bones and teeth.

・Magnesium helps the normal functioning of many enzymes in the body and energy production, and is also necessary for maintaining normal blood circulation.

・Iron is necessary for the formation of red blood cells.

・Copper is a nutrient that helps in the formation of red blood cells.

・Copper helps many of the body's enzymes function properly and aids in the formation of bones.

・Zinc is a nutrient that is necessary for normal taste, helps maintain healthy skin and mucous membranes, and is involved in the metabolism of proteins and nucleic acids to help maintain good health.

Allergen Information

*Infants and children should avoid taking this product. (Infants and children can consume enough magnesium, zinc, and copper in their normal diet, so there is no need to take supplements.
*Infants and children can get enough magnesium, zinc and copper in their diets and do not need to take supplements.
*Excessive intake of zinc may cause soft stools (diarrhea).
*This product is not intended to cure any disease or improve health.