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[DHC] Staple food blocker - CROSS SHELF JP
[DHC] Staple food blocker - CROSS SHELF JP
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[DHC] Staple Food Blocker

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Product Description

Staple Food Blocker" is a dietary supplement that supports the health and diet of people who like to eat staple foods by approaching the carbohydrates ( sugars ) consumed in meals.

The three ingredients, white kidney bean extract, marron polyphenol, and salacia extract, act on carbohydrates at various levels.

Carbohydrates, such as rice, bread, and noodles, are inseparable foods. Many people say, "I love carbohydrates! I love carbohydrates! However, carbohydrates are high in sugar and can easily raise blood sugar levels.

Let's use this "staple food blocker" to block carbohydrates, which are a problem for dieters and health-conscious people!

It is a strong ally for dieters who like carbohydrates ( sugar ), those who are not good at restricting food, and those who are concerned about eating out while restricting carbohydrates.

How to take
Take 3 capsules per day without chewing with water.

90 grains ( for about 30 days )

Chestnut astringent bark extract ( manufactured in Japan ), white kidney bean extract, Salacia extract / cellulose, silicon dioxide granules, shellac, Ca stearate

Nutritional information (per 600mg of 3 grains)
Calorific value 2.2kcal, Protein 0.07g, Fat 0.02g, Carbohydrate 0.44g, Salt equivalent 0.002g, Chestnut astringent bark extract 300mg (Marron polyphenol 20%), White kidney bean extract 90mg, Salacia extract 80mg

Please note
*Please take in accordance with the recommended daily dosage.
*If you feel any abnormality in your body, please discontinue taking.
*If you are taking medication, visiting a hospital, or pregnant, please consult your doctor before taking this product.