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  • Laden Sie das Bild in den Galerie-Viewer, [DHC] calcium+CBP - CROSS SHELF JP

[DHC] Calcium + CBP

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Product Description

Calcium + CBP" is a calcium supplement recommended for those who want to retain calcium and those who want to supplement calcium more efficiently. In addition to calcium, this product contains CBP, a concentrated whey active protein found in milk.

We have adopted a new formula that approaches thickness and density with the aim of increasing the absorption and retention rate even more than before. This product provides the three major components of CBP, calcium, and vitamin D3 in one package.

The chewable milk-flavored chewables do not release white powder and do not stick to the throat, making them safe to take for children and the elderly.

Recommended for the following people

・People who often skip meals
・Do not exercise much
・Have been on an extreme diet.
・Have gone through menopause
・Not exposed to much sunlight
・Not a fan of milk or dairy products
・Small and slender build

Product Features

The ideal daily intake of CBP for good health is 6 to 60 mg. If you take this amount with milk, you need to drink 4 to 40 liters per day.

With Calcium + CBP, you can get enough CBP for 8 liters of milk with just 4 tablets a day, and it is a supplement that you should take every day.

How to take
Take 4 tablets daily with water.
Can also be taken by chewing. It has a milk flavor.

120 grains ( for about 30 days )

Edible eggshell powder ( contains eggs, manufactured in Japan ), powdered sugar, starch, concentrated whey active protein ( contains milk ingredients )/Ca stearate, silicon nitrate, shellac, carnauba wax, vitamin D3

Nutritional information [per 4 grains 1800mg]
Calorific value 3.1kcal, Protein 0.03g, Fat 0.05g, Carbohydrate 0.63g, Salt equivalent 0.002g, Calcium 370mg (54), Vitamin D 0.07μg, CBP ( concentrated whey active protein ) 12mg

*The value in parentheses above is the ratio [%] to the standard nutrient labeling value ( 18 years old and over, standard calorific value 2200kcal ).

*Please take according to the recommended daily dosage.
*If you feel any abnormality in your body, please discontinue taking this product.
*This product is not intended to cure any disease or improve health by high dosage.
*If you are taking medication, visiting a hospital, or are pregnant, please consult your doctor before taking this product.