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Shiseido Product Sample Present Promotion now!

Hello everyone.

We would like to inform you of a sample present promotion for Shiseido products.

Are there any Shiseido products that you are interested in but have missed the chance to buy?

We know that it takes a lot of courage to buy a product that you have never used before because the price of high-functional lotion is higher than other products.

This time, only those who have purchased Shiseido products will be presented with samples of other Shiseido products.

This is a great campaign because it allows you to try out a few products before considering purchasing them.

Perhaps you will be able to find some unexpected products that you were not considering purchasing.

We hope you will enjoy shopping for Shiseido products.


*Please note that although we have many samples available, the campaign will end without notice as soon as they are gone.

*Please note that you cannot specify the product for the sample.