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[SHISEIDO] ELIXIR White Clear Lotion C II (Moist) 170ml x 2units - CROSS SHELF JP

[SHISEIDO] ELIXIR White Clear Lotion C II (Moist) 170ml x 2units

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Product details

Collagen science for adult whitening. It leads not only elasticity, but also fresh and bright facial impression.

Fills every corner of the skin with moisture and firmness.

Contains 4MSK that is effective for whitening. It suppresses the production of melanin and prevents spots and freckles.

* Whitening is to suppress the production of melanin and prevent blemishes and freckles.

* 4 MSK (4-methoxysalicylic acid potassium salt)

how to use

After washing your face, take about 3 cm in diameter on cotton, pinch it with your fingers, fit it to the roundness of your face, and gently apply it.

Product features

・ Whitening lotion that leads to a fresh and bright facial impression
・ Moist type
・ Quasi-drugs
・ Allergy tested (not all people are allergic)