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Placenta 15000 90 Count x 2 Packs - CROSS SHELF JP

Placenta 15000 90 Count x 2 Packs

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Description of item

Plenty of popular placenta 15,000mg ( In terms of raw placenta, 300 mg / 3 grains of placenta extract powder ).

Uses placenta raw material derived from pigs from Italy, one of the advanced countries of pig farming. EU countries are developing systems in terms of environment and safety, so you can use them with confidence. We want you to stay beautiful all the time, so we want you to keep going, so we offer it at a price that is kind to your wallet.

Product features

・ Estimated daily dose: 3 tablets

・ 90 tablets per set x 2 ( 180 tablets in total )

・ 15,000mg in 3 placenta ( converted to live placenta )

・ Contains hyaluronic acid and proteoglycan

・ Uses Italian placenta ·made in Japan

・Contents: 470mg x 90 tablets

Ingredient names: safflower oil, placenta powder, hyaluronic acid, proteoglycan-containing salmon nasal cartilage extract / gelatin, glycerin, beeswax, glycerin fatty acid ester, caramel color

Allergens used (out of 27 items): pig, salmon, gelatin